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New Music Releases Week 33

Категория: Pop
Исполнитель: VA
Название: New Music Releases Week 33 (2021)
Жанр: Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Dance
Год выпуска: 2021
Количество треков: 435
Время звучания: 25:22:29
Качество: mp3 | 320 kbps / 44.1KHz
Размер: 3.40 GB

015B - 굿모닝 캔자스.mp3
3AM - No Soy DiCaprio.mp3
AAAMYYY - Tengu (feat. Zo Zhit).mp3
Aaliyah - Hot Like Fire (Timbaland's Groove Mix) (Bonus).mp3
Aaliyah - One In A Million.mp3
Above & Beyond - Almost Home.mp3
Abra - Unlock It (feat. Playboi Carti).mp3
Achero - Obrigado.mp3
Acraze - Do It To It.mp3
Adoy - Simply.mp3
Alesso - Chasing Stars.mp3
Alexander Stewart - 24 Hours.mp3
Alex Christensen - Never Gonna Give You Up.mp3
Alex Lys - Immer wenn der Sommer kommt.mp3
Alex Rose - Swaggy (Remix).mp3
Ambre Vallet - Heute Nacht.mp3
AmPm - Everyday.mp3
Anderson East - Maybe We Never Die.mp3
andremustdie - si te vas.mp3
Andrew Tejada - Pregunta.mp3
Angus & Julia Stone - Love Song.mp3
Anna Prior - Thank You for Nothing (Moullinex Remix).mp3
Ann Marie - Hate Love.mp3
Apashe - Never Change.mp3
ARTY - Brighter Side.mp3
ASA Wu - yellow pink.mp3
Asking Alexandria - Alone Again.mp3
AZEDIA - Shaman.mp3
b.Estye - club paradiso (feat. Troyamaki).mp3
Baby Storme - Loverboy.mp3
Bad Boyfriend - On My Mind.mp3
BAD HOP - OVER TIME (feat. G-k.i.d, Benjazzy & Bark).mp3
Bad Sounds - You Move Backwards (feat. Ruti).mp3
Bad Tuner - De Tecidos.mp3
Bakar - The Mission.mp3
Banda El Recodo De Cruz Lizarraga - Que El Mundo Ruede.mp3
Bassboy - Peach Tea.mp3
Bastille - Thelma + Louise.mp3
Beck - Where It's At (Paisley Park Sessions).mp3
Bennett - Buzzed.mp3
Beren Olivia - Early Hours of the AM.mp3
Berna - Da Pattern.mp3
Big Zuu - Stand Up Tall.mp3
Bijou - Rockstar (feat. Tony Watts).mp3
Bilal Hassani - Baby.mp3
Bk - Cobarde.mp3
Blanco - Cerberus.mp3
Blossoms - Care For.mp3
Boris Way - Walking Away.mp3
BORJA - Tu Cuarto.mp3
Boys World - Something in the Water.mp3
Brando - Party's Over.mp3
Brick - Stay Home.mp3
Buffalo Daughter - Global Warming Kills Us All (Single).mp3
Buni - Exciting.mp3
Calacote - AZAFATA.mp3
Calogero - Le temps.mp3
Camila moreno - Rey.mp3
camoufly - Sakura.mp3
Carly Gibert - MTV Cribs.mp3
Carrie Baxter - Something in the Water.mp3
Caspr - Play Pretend (feat. Travis Barker).mp3
Cassia - Slow (feat. Henjila).mp3
Castion - Want To Feel.mp3
Chapter & Verse - Take Control.mp3
Charity Children - My Alchemy.mp3
Charlotte Jane - Loving The Light.mp3
Chris Janson - Bye Mom.mp3
Cian - Ain't No Love (feat. elevn).mp3
Cian Ducrot - Chewing Gum.mp3
Cimafunk - Funk Aspirin.mp3
Cintia - Je t'aime.mp3
CLAK Faktory - Mira Como.mp3
Clinton Kane - I GUESS I'M IN LOVE.mp3
Cochise - POCKET ROCKET.mp3
Common - When We Move.mp3
Cosmic Gate - Summer Wonder (Album Mix).mp3
Cosmo's Midnight - Titanic.mp3
Cravity - Gas Pedal.mp3
Curvelo James - Doble (feat. Lil Eish & Ricky C).mp3
CXLOE - Soft Rock.mp3
Dabin - Feel Like.mp3
Daisy Brain - Powder Train.mp3
Dame D.O.L.L.A. - We The Ones.mp3
Dani Barranco - Odio (Cobarde).mp3
Danna Paola - Kaprichosa.mp3
Danny Sanchez - Think Twice.mp3
Darell - PAKATA.mp3
David Dann - Falling Into You (Radio Edit).mp3
Deddy - Pensa a te.mp3
Del Water Gap - Perfume.mp3
Devin Kennedy - 10ft Tall.mp3
Deyah - Shoreditch.mp3
Dillon Francis - Reaching Out.mp3
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Reunion (Free Fire 4th Anniversary Theme Song) [with Alok & Zafrir].mp3
Dirty South - The Grand Swell.mp3
Disclosure - In My Arms (Edit).mp3
Disco Lines - All I Want Is You.mp3
DMA's - We Are Midnight.mp3
Don G - Panela Suja.mp3
Dream - Change My Clothes.mp3
Dua Saleh - dashery.mp3
dvsn - Memories.mp3
Dylan - Nineteen.mp3
Dylan Fraser - Supersonic.mp3
Earth, Wind & Fire - You Want My Love.mp3
Eden Prince - Don't Need U (feat. Akua).mp3
Ed Sheeran - Visiting Hours.mp3
EDX - Vommuli.mp3
ela. - Lila Cadillac.mp3
Ela Minus - close (Buscabulla Remix).mp3
El Fantasma - Tu Derrota.mp3
El Gino - Telema (feat. Florito).mp3
Ella Henderson - Risk It All.mp3
Ely Blancarte - De Lao Remix (feat. Elvis de Yongol).mp3
Emeline - this is how i learn to say no.mp3
Enchanting - Track & Field (feat. Kali).mp3
Endor - Rock The House.mp3
EV - 3am.mp3
Everyone You Know - Radio.mp3
Felix Jaehn - I Got A Feeling.mp3
Fernando Daniel - #VoltamosJuntos.mp3
Fia Moon - Simple.mp3
FiNCH - Bum Bum Eis.mp3
Finn Askew - Adidas.mp3
Flavia - Nameless.mp3
Frankie Knuckles - The Whistle Song (Cinthie Remix).mp3
Fuerza Regida - Lo Vieron Pasar (09).mp3
Future Islands - Peach.mp3
G-Eazy - Running Wild (Tumblr Girls 2) (feat. Kossisko).mp3
Gabriela - Hora De.mp3
Gabriel Gifford - Better Than Before.mp3
Genix - Higher & Higher.mp3
Giant - Get Down.mp3
Gigi Grombacher - Do It for Love.mp3
Giulia Tess - Hey.mp3
grace. - All That Matters.mp3
GRACEY - What A Waste.mp3
Gray - Make Love (Feat. Zion.T).mp3
Greeicy - Lejos Conmigo.mp3
Gunna - 9 TIMES OUTTA 10.mp3
Hakkz - Disaster.mp3
HA SUNG WOON - Johnny.mp3
Hava - Low Battery.mp3
Hayla - Rescue.mp3
Hiro Kone - Reciprocal capture (ft. Speaker Music).mp3
Hubert Lenoir - DIMANCHE SOIR.mp3
Hyra - Dancing To Murder.mp3
Ingrid Contreras - No Mereces Que Te Quiera.mp3
Iron Maiden - Stratego.mp3
Ivana - Si Nos Volvemos A Encontrar.mp3
Jaden - Summer.mp3
Jake Bugg - About Last Night.mp3
Jake Wesley Rogers - Weddings and Funerals.mp3
jame minogue - Santiago.mp3
James Blake - Life Is Not The Same.mp3
Jay Robinson - Free Again (Axwell Cut).mp3
Jazz Cartier - Rock the Boat.mp3
Jelani Blackman - Bubblin.mp3
Jeremy Zucker - Cry with you.mp3
Jhay Cortez - Nos Matamos.mp3
Joe Sugg - Wild Things.mp3
JoJo - Worst (I Assume).mp3
Jones - Read My Mind.mp3
Jordan Rakei - Clouds.mp3
Joshwa (UK) - Party's Jumpin.mp3
Juls - Love Me.mp3
JUNIOR CALLY - Come Monet.mp3
Jupiter Jones - Der wichtigste Finger einer Faust.mp3
Just a Gent - LSD.mp3
Justin Quiles - La Botella.mp3
Just Stef - Miss U Miss Me (Acoustic).mp3
KAM-BU - Call Me Back (feat. Knucks).mp3
Kamino - Can You Handle It.mp3
Kane Brown - One Mississippi.mp3
Kang Soomin - Sink or Swim.mp3
Kda - Die a Little Bit (feat. Karnage Kills) (KDA Remix).mp3
Keeya Keys - Ridiculous.mp3
Keith Urban - Wild Hearts.mp3
Kevin Abstract - SIERRA NIGHTS (feat. Ryan Beatty).mp3
Kevin McKay - The Trip.mp3
Keytalk - Daidassou.mp3
Khai Dreams - Flowers.mp3
KhakiKid - Shlumped Up.mp3
Kid Loco - My Girl.mp3
Kid Robinn - Ready.mp3
Kiko El Crazy - COMO EH.mp3
Kim Jina - One And Only Girl (feat. BrotherSu).mp3
King Promise - Ring My Line (feat. Headie One).mp3
Kizomba da Boa - Tua Boca.mp3
Kohh - CBD(Remix) (feat. Red Eye & D.O).mp3
Kool & The Gang - Hold On.mp3
Kunzite - HALOHEAD.mp3
Kush Jones - Rugrats.mp3
Kyle Dion - Money.mp3
LANY - never mind, let's break up.mp3
Laroz - Tutiman.mp3
Laura Strada - Siempre Soy Yo.mp3
Lauren L'aimant - One Night.mp3
Lawrence Hart - Dust.mp3
Leah Kate - Veronica.mp3
Leaving Laurel - Falling Apart.mp3
Lele Pons - Abajo y Arriba.mp3
Leoniden - Paranoid.mp3
Leoni Torres - Nunca Te Vayas.mp3
Lil Cats - Summer Love (feat. Verbal Jint, Basick).mp3
LIL LOTUS - Over and Over Again.mp3
Lilly Ahlberg - Promise Me.mp3
Lit Killah - Dejame Tranki.mp3
Livingston - Message in a Bottle.mp3
LMK - Offline.mp3
Logi - Walk.mp3
Lola Young - After Midnight (1AM).mp3
Lone - Mouth of God.mp3
Lorde - Mood Ring.mp3
Los Yakuza - Wasa Wasa.mp3
Lou - Vital.mp3
Lucauy - Solo Amigos.mp3
Lute - Myself.mp3
Lyn Lapid - In My Mind.mp3
Lyra Pramuk - Everything Is Beautiful & Alive.mp3
Lōtic - Come Unto Me.mp3
M1llionz - Regular Bag.mp3
M24 - Back In Blood.mp3
Macca Wiles - too dead to save.mp3
Machinedrum - Stone Age.mp3
Madison Mars - Already Gone.mp3
Maisie Peters - Volcano.mp3
Mango X MathMan - Vibes.mp3
Mano Le Tough - Moment to Change.mp3
Marco Faraone - My Name (feat. Lolita Leopard).mp3
Marco Lys - River.mp3
Marconi Impara - Legit.mp3
Maryann Vasquez - Bad at Love.mp3
Matoma - Summer Feeling.mp3
Matroda - Play The Music.mp3
Max Barskih - Just Fly.mp3
Max Styler - Hot Flash.mp3
Mele - omg.mp3
Meluchis - Falta Poco.mp3
Miane - Not Today.mp3
Micah Emrich - rock bottom.mp3
Michel De Hey - Nova Was Here.mp3
Miguel Valente - Esquecer.mp3
Mika Mendes - Bonequinha.mp3
Mika Nakashima - Shiritaikoto Shiritakunaikoto.mp3
Milk. - I Don’t Mind Falling in Love with You.mp3
Mina - One Million.mp3
Miyachi - CHU HI.mp3
MMYYKK - Bout Dat.mp3
MO3 - In My Blood.mp3
Moguai - Spices.mp3
Molly Burman - Little Love.mp3
Morat - Huele A Gol.mp3
Morgan - Nobody Else.mp3
Morgan Page - Turn Off My Mind.mp3
Morgin Madison - Get It Back.mp3
Morly - Jazz Angel (Bill).mp3
Morrisson - Guilty (feat. Kelly Kiara).mp3
Mossy - Shade.mp3
MOTIP - Over and Over.mp3
Nabes - Rollin'.mp3
Nala Sinephro - Space 3.mp3
Nana Mori - Shinkai.mp3
Nao Yoshioka - Stars.mp3
Nasaya - NADA A VER.mp3
Natalie Imbruglia - On My Way.mp3
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - Survivor.mp3
NavyQuokka - SummerSweet.mp3
Nayana Iz - RANI.mp3
Neulbo - Save me (feat. Samuel Seo & BLNK).mp3
Nevaya - Begleiten.mp3
Nija - Ease My Mind (Come Over).mp3
Niko Rubio - Saving Me.mp3
Nilufer Yanya - Same Damn Luck (Little Dragon Remix).mp3
Nina Couto - Foi.mp3
Niska - De bon matin.mp3
Nugat - Pass out.mp3
Nura - Fair.mp3
O3ohn - Even days(2021).mp3
Oceanvs Orientalis - Mesta.mp3
Official HIGE DANdism - Filament.mp3
Oliver Keane - in the morning.mp3
Olivia Vedder - My Father's Daughter.mp3
Orla Gartland - Things That I've Learned.mp3
Otik - Trifecta.mp3
Ouri - Felicity.mp3
Ovcoco - ready.set.summer!.mp3
Pacho El Antifeka - Olvidate De El.mp3
Pahua - La Trampa.mp3
Paradigm - Aeroplane.mp3
PA Sports - Drei Shotzzz.mp3
Patterns - La Noche.mp3
Paty B - no eres tu soy yo.mp3
PAUZA - Requiem (feat. Brenda Navarrete).mp3
Pax - Revelry.mp3
PENTAGON - Cerberus.mp3
Pentatonix - A Little Space.mp3
Philipp Poisel - Alt und grau.mp3
Piem - Bmine.mp3
Pitbull - I Feel Good.mp3
Playboikira - Fiore d'estate.mp3
Pola & Bryson - Closer to Home.mp3
Pool Boy - Closed for Renovations.mp3
Pretty Boy Aaron - Delfino (Feel This Way) (feat. Bruhnice).mp3
Puffy - ESSAFOSSA.mp3
Pyra - paper promises.mp3
qrtr - Fractals.mp3
R3HAB - Runaway.mp3
RAF Camora - Wenn du mich siehst.mp3
RaiNao - Me Fui.mp3
Rainhas do AutoEngano - Gota.mp3
Ralphy Dreamz - Solita.mp3
Red Velvet - Queendom.mp3
Reezy - NOCH EINMAL.mp3
Remi Wolf - Quiet On Set.mp3
Rhae - Never Enough.mp3
Rin - 1976 (feat. Paul, Zachi & Gustav) (Remix).mp3
Rini - Red Lights (feat. Wale).mp3
Riovaz - Leaving You.mp3
Riya - Vices.mp3
Rodrigo - Amor Clasificado.mp3
Rod Wave - Already Won (feat. Lil Durk).mp3
Romantic Melody Chobi - 여름 향연.mp3
Roo Panes - I Just Love You.mp3
Rossana - Luto ao Pombo.mp3
Royal Blood - Sad But True.mp3
Rudimental - Remember Their Names (feat. Josh Barry).mp3
Rush Davis - Anyway.mp3
Rvfv - Diferente 2.0.mp3
Rxseboy - I'm So Good at Lying (feat. Powfu & Thomas Reid).mp3
Sad Alex - one that got away.mp3
Sad Night Dynamite - Psychedelic Views (feat. IDK).mp3
salem ilese - Ben & Jerry.mp3
Sam Blacky - La Noche.mp3
Sam Ezeh - Fantasy.mp3
Sam Fender - Aye.mp3
Samira 151 - Melodie.mp3
Sam Williams - Happy All The Time.mp3
Santana - Move.mp3
Sarah Proctor - Tired.mp3
Sasha - Tet Offensive.mp3
SecondCity - Up All Night.mp3
Sensei - Yin e yan.mp3
Shannon & the Clams - I Need You Bad.mp3
Sharaktah - Almost Home.mp3
Shawn Mendes - Summer Of Love.mp3
Shaybo - My Sister (feat. Jorja Smith).mp3
Sheff G - Run It Up (feat. Sleepy Hallow & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie).mp3
Shenseea - Be Good.mp3
Shiba San - All The People.mp3
Shift K3Y - Back To Summer.mp3
Shire T - L.D.R.A.mp3
Shy Baboon - All We Got.mp3
Silvy - XL.mp3
Skrillex - Don’t Go.mp3
SKRYU - Vent.mp3
Slchld - you won't be there for me.mp3
Sofia Kourtesis - La Perla (Tourist Remix).mp3
Solardo - Power.mp3
Solr - Who We Are.mp3
Somebody's Child - Stubborn.mp3
Some Sprouts - Aloe Vera (Clear My Mind).mp3
Sosa UK - What's Your World (feat. Gloria Ann Taylor).mp3
Soushi Sakiyama - excess _ unusual.mp3
Spada - Waiting (feat. Chiara Galiazzo).mp3
Stephen Day - All This Space.mp3
Sturgill Simpson - Juanita.mp3
SubLab - Next to Me.mp3
Sudi - Dance (2021).mp3
SuenaTron - La Gota Gorda.mp3
sumika - ritardando.mp3
Surfaces - Sheesh!.mp3
Swae Lee - In the Dark.mp3
Switchfoot - lost ‘cause.mp3
T-low - Changed.mp3
Tania Mondragon - Te Vas.mp3
Tchurra Bass - Beldade.mp3
Teddy Failure - Pure (feat. ELIO).mp3
Tendai - Not Around.mp3
Terror Jr - Shut Your Mouth.mp3
Thelma Aoyama - Yours Forever.mp3
The Rolling Stones - Living In The Heart Of Love.mp3
The Score - Top Of The World.mp3
The Wombats - If You Ever Leave, I'm Coming with You.mp3
Third Eye Blind - Again.mp3
Timal - La 14.mp3
TINI - Maldita Foto.mp3
Tion Wayne - Wid It.mp3
Tiwa Savage - Somebody’s Son.mp3
Tiwa Savage - Tales By Moonlight.mp3
Tony Vega - Tu y Yo.mp3
Travis Greene - Close the Door (feat. Mali Music).mp3
Trippie Redd - Rich MF.mp3
Tutti Fenomeni - Marinai.mp3
Uncertain - Crash (Original Mix).mp3
Uneducated Kid - SAVED MY LIFE (Prod. Kidstone).mp3
UVERworld - Raichoue.mp3
Varley - Misery.mp3
Villagers - Circles In The Firing Line (Edit).mp3
Vistas - What Were You Hoping to Find_.mp3
Wavvyboi - no one.mp3
Wejdene - Ta Gow.mp3
Were Vana - Cache cache.mp3
Will Sparks - Maniac.mp3
WurtS - Little Dancer feat. Ito (PEOPLE 1).mp3
Xydo - Me without you (feat. Moon Byul of MAMAMOO).mp3
yama - Running Out.mp3
Yang Joon Il - Shut up, I love you (Korean version).mp3
Yeruza - La Cara del Drill.mp3
YFN Lucci - Like Me.mp3
Yiigaa - Good Enough (salute Remix).mp3
Yoandri - GEMINI AMOR.mp3
Yoon Ji - Act All Shy.mp3
Yorushika - The Old Man and the Sea.mp3
yotto - One Blood.mp3
Young Thug - Tick Tock.mp3
Yousef - One Summer.mp3
YUNGBLUD - fleabag.mp3
Zikai - Hero.mp3
Zola Courtney - Before We Were Us.mp3
幾田りら - ロマンスの約束.mp3
落日飛車 Sunset Rollercoaster - Coffee's on Me.mp3
박혜진 park hye jin - I Need You.mp3
서현진 - Falling Flower (Dajung Ver.).mp3
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